Mordecai – Episode One: Bloodthirsty

 Mordecai Arda: a sarcastic, coffee-addicted half-elf from Portland, OR. Can he save a dying world—or the entire multiverse? There’s only one way to find out: Order your copy today.


Prowlers: bounty hunters, treasure hunters, or simple thrill seekers capable of traversing the multiverse.


The Multiverse: the endless collection of worlds connected by threads of space and inhabited by every kind of being, from elves to the peaceful blood-worshipers of Polihaima.


Mordecai Arda: a Catholic half-elf living in Portland, Oregon, who’s considering retiring from Prowling forever. His father has been missing for twenty-seven years with no indication of return, and naturally, Mordecai’s hopes are beginning to waver. But when someone from Mordecai’s past returns looking to him as a savior, he’s forced to reconsider his retirement. Like his father before him, the multiverse will always drag Mordecai back in.

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